8th National Debate Championship Prize and Award

London, The United Kingdom

National Public Speaking Category

Mexico City, Mexico

National School Debate Category

Seoul, South Korea

National University Debate Category

The 8th National Debate Championship divides into three categories:

1. National University Debate Category:​

This category adopt the world university debating style which follow the British Parliamentary style debate, it is a main form of academic debate. It has gained support in many countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canda, India, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the United States...etc and has also adopt by many big championship.

2. National School Debate Category: 

This category adopt the world school style debating. This is a combination of the British parliamentary and australia formats, designed to meet the needs of the tournament. Each debate comprises a total of eight speeches delivered by two three-member teams (the Proposition and the Opposition). Each speaker delivers an eight-minute speech; then both teams deliver a "reply speech" lasting four minutes, with the last word being reserved for the Proposition. Between the end of the first and the beginning of the last minute of an eight-minute speech, the opposing party may offer "points of information". The speaker may refuse these, but should take at least one or two points during his or her speech.


3. National Public Speaking Category: 

This category adopt the International public speaking formate. They are then given time to prepare by asking the Speaker questions about their personal connection to the topic, and the approach they intend to take in their speech. Each presentation lasts for fourteen minutes.