The national school debating style:

1. (a) The format for debates in the Championships is three speakers a side with only two teams in each debate.

(b) After all speakers have spoken once, the first or second speaker for each side gives a reply speech, with the opposition reply going first and the proposition second.

2. The host is encouraged to run other competitions on different debating styles during the Championships.

3. (a) Speaking time for speeches is 8 minutes, and for reply speeches 4 minutes. (b) The method of signalling timing for speakers is at the discretion of the host.

(c) In addition to time signals referred to in rule 3 (b), team members or the team coach may give time signals to a speaker provided that the signals are discreet and unobtrusive.

3A. (a) Before a debate begins, each team must inform the chairperson of the names of their three speakers and the order they will be speaking in.

(b) The only persons who may speak in a debate are the three speakers for each team announced by the chairperson at the start of that debate.

(c) During a debate speakers may not communicate with their coach, other team members who are not speaking in that debate, or any person in the audience, except to receive time signals in accordance with rule 3 (c).

(d) Notwithstanding rule 3A (b), if, during a debate, a speaker declares that they are unable to make their speech, another speaker from that team who was announced by the chairperson as speaking in that debate may give a speech in substitution.

(e) If a substitute speech is given in accordance with rule 3A (d), judges shall award that speech the lowest possible score within the Marking Standard, regardless of the quality of the speech. (If such a situation occurs, the marks for this speech shall not be used in the calculation for any individual speaker rankings or awards.)

(f) Rule 3A (e) shall not apply in the case of reply speeches provided that, in accordance with rule 1(b), the reply speech is delivered by either the first or second speaker on the team.