Dos & Don'ts

1. What participants must do?

During the championship, all participants must:

(a) behave in a respectful and courteous manner towards other participants in the event, guests and sponsors of the championship, and members of the public attending championship events

(b) abide by the laws of the host

(c) abide by any rules, guidelines and restrictions set by the host organising committee to keep the event regulated and ensure the safety of participants.

2. What participants must not do?

During the championships, participants must not:

(a) make insulting comments, jokes, insults, or insinuations about another person’s culture, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation or which may be construed as being derogatory or as harassment, whether in the presence of that person or in any other forum in which the person may not be present.

(b) stalk or physically harass another individual

(c) engage in any form of violence or threats of violence

(d) engage in any form of sexual harassment 

(e) take or use other people’s property without permission

(f) intentionally cause damage to the property of other individuals or of any host venues

(g) consume any substance which they are not legally entitled to consume in the host country, or supply any such substances to others

(h) consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in a way which may bring the championships into disrepute.

(g) discuss anything or criticising about anyone or anything in politic

3. Behaviour during debates

(a) Participants in the Championship, especially coaches and debaters, must not confront adjudicators in an aggressive manner after a debate.

(b) Feedback between teams and adjudicators must be given and received in a constructive and non- confrontational manner.

4. Relationships

Any romantic or sexually-based relationship during the Championship between a debater and an adult acting as a coach, adjudicator, shadow adjudicator, team manager, observer or in any other capacity will not be tolerated and shall be treated as sexual harassment regardless of intention or apparent consent.