National Debate Society of Cambodia (NDSCambodia) found in 2012 as part of SpringBoard4Education's funding project  in contribution to build up young generation. The NDSCambodia works primarily with young people who like speaking and learning English, by providing opportunity with practical experience in the fundamental skills of debating and public speaking in English and Khmer in order to build up their self-confidence, personal development, critical thinking, and communication skills for their future career.


We run an annual national flagship event, The National Debate Championship, in which young students all over Cambodia enable to have a chance to be selected to represent their own country to the world debating championship around the world.  The NDSCambodia is run by young enthusiasm team who want to help out the society and young talent to fulfil their dream by using debating and public speaking as a way of life in learning critically. We would like to thank our member as individual, clubs, society, who share same vision as us.


We have organised very successful annual youth competitions beginning with The International Debating Championship held in 2012. The contest allowed Cambodian students to participate in high-level debating skill and to challenge students from overseas. We had instigated The SpringBoard English Speaking Championship in 2013 and we successfully hold it again in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. This would be an excellent experience for the participants, as the competition focuses on public speaking and debating, which provides unparalleled opportunities for improving their self-confidence, demonstrating their knowledge and speaking abilities, and displaying their talent on the stage.

Our Purposes
  1. To bring Cambodia to the world. 

  2. To establish, inspire, and advance the knowledge of young people in communication skills through conducting debating and public speaking.

  3. To connect Cambodia debate society to international debating community by sending Cambodia debating team to regional and international event. 

  4. To promote national understanding and free speech through debating and public speaking to help young people develop their capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

  5. To improve young generation self-confidence, demonstrating their knowledge and speaking abilities, and displaying their talent on the stage