• Largest debate and public speaking event that represents the national level

  • Champions will go to compete in the world-class debating and public speaking event around the world (The United Kingdom, Mexico, South Korea)

  • 50USD registration fee per contestant (subsidies and fee waivers available for NGO and public education institutions)

  • Heats run in November to December, with the grand final in February

The 8th National Debate Championship run by National Debate Society of Cambodia (NDSCambodia) was found in 2012 as part of SpringBoard4Society funding project  in contribution to build up young generation. The NDSCambodia works primarily with young people who like speaking and learning English, by providing the opportunity to the youth to experience the fundamental skills of debating and public speaking in English and Khmer  to build up their self-confidence, personal development, critical thinking, and communication skills for their future careers.

London, The United Kingdom

National Public Speaking Champion

Mexico City, Mexico

National School Debating Champion

Seoul, South Korea

National University Debating Champion

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